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Wright Web Works offers Linux and Windows shared hosting plans.  And if you've been shopping around for your hosting, you may have encountered other types of hosting as well.  Just as there are different types of vehicles for different purposes, there is a reason why each type of hosting exists.  Here, we'll explore the different options so that you can make sure you have the right fit.

Linux Shared Hosting

This is the basic "vanilla" hosting that runs most of the web.  If your website is written in straight HTML code, then your site will actually run on any type of server.  But since Linux hosting is the least expensive form available, this is probably your best choice.  Does your site have some PHP code?  Linux is also a great fit for this.  Do you want to run WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or some other content management system?  Linux is still your best choice! 

Windows Shared Hosting

So when is Linux not the best choice?  If your site contains code written in ASP or .Net, then Windows should be your choice.  Do you need to run an Access database?  Then Windows is your only choice.  If you designed your website in MS Frontpage, then you would be best to have a Windows hosting account. 

What's this shared hosting stuff?

Shared hosting means that your website will share server resources with other websites.  That doesn't mean that other people have access to your files, but they will be stored on the same hard drive in the same server.  Files are protected by a complex system of permissions governing users and groups to ensure your files are not edited by others.  Wright Web Works only offers shared hosting at this time, but other types exist, such as dedicated, virtual private servers, cloud servers, and reseller hosting.