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The Joomla System

Joomla is one of the most powerful and popular content management systems available on the web.  Literally millions of websites around the world are powered by the Joomla System.  Joomla is open-source technology, meaning it is free for use by anyone.  Wright Web Works never charges for the license of the Joomla platform, but we do charge for installation, setup, management, and certain add-ons or extensions to the software.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems keep track of every piece of content for your website. This is powerful, database-driven technology that manages text, photos, music, videos, documents, images, and everything else that you could dream of adding to your website.  Content Management Systems make website management easier by cataloging your information and presenting it to the user when requested.  Content Management Systems like Joomla are great for all types of websites, from small personal sites to full corporate sites.

Our Joomla Services

System Installation Wright Web Works will install and configure Joomla for you, build the site according to your specifications using a pre-designed template, and give basic instructions on the use of the Joomla platform. 

Custom Templates For customers who desire to use a custom design rather than select one of our pre-designed templates, we can work with you to create a design of your liking.  We will then convert the design to a Joomla template.  This service starts at $250.00, not including the basic system installation.