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Terms and Conditions

The Joomla Software Updates Plus plan is offered to website owners with Joomla-based websites. The intended purpose is to keep the Joomla Core and Extensions up-to-date as well as to provide a limited time allowance each month for website content updates. This service shall fulfill the client’s responsibility to keep their website software up-to-date, as required by the Wright Web Works Terms of Service. This document covers the terms and conditions of the service and defines the scope of content updates possible within this plan.

System Requirements

Use of the Joomla Software Updates Plus plan requires the installation and use of a third party Joomla Extension. Wright Web Works will install this Extension upon activation of this plan. This Extension will not acquire any personal data from your website or account. It will gather information about what software is installed on the server and what is installed within your account. Our systems will then compare the versions in use on your website to the versions available. If an update is available for your site, our staff will be notified and will perform the update as soon as possible.

Joomla Core Software Updates

Wright Web Works will monitor the web for updates available for the Joomla Core. As updates become available, we will install them automatically. Updates are minor revisions to the software for security patches or bugfixes and are generally denoted by a change in the third number of the version (ex. 2.5.16 to 2.5.17). This service will not cover upgrades which involve more significant changes to the software and are required when the version in use reaches “end-of-life” as determined by Open Source Matters, the developer behind Joomla.

Joomla Extensions Updates

Wright Web Works will monitor the web for updates to any installed Joomla Extensions. We will attempt to apply any updates found for your extensions. If an update will not apply or if it breaks the site in the process, WWW will disable the extension.

If an Extension requires a paid update service, clients can provide WWW with their login information to obtain the update and we will install it. If clients do not provide any method of obtaining the paid update, Wright Web Works will present the client with an option pay an additional fee for WWW to obtain the update. Alternatively, the client may remove the extension from the site.

Website Content Updates

With this package, Wright Web Works will provide up to 60 minutes of content updates per calendar month in a single instance. This time is meant for assisting with updates to an existing website, not redesigning a site or building a new one. We will update any text as needed. We will perform limited graphics work during this time, consisting of corrections to existing graphics and editing (cropping, resizing, color correcting, etc.) graphics provided by the customer, but not creation of new graphics from scratch. If needed, we can provide royalty-free images covering most any subject for a nominal fee.

Website owners are requested to give Wright Web Works at least three (3) business days’ notice for any desired website content updates. Updates required faster than this may be subject to a “rush job” fee.

Any unused time/instances will be forfeited (not carried over to the next month).

If additional time is needed, customers with this package can add time at the rate of $40 per hour billed in 15 minute increments.

Limitation of Liability

Wright Web Works will always attempt to install Joomla Core and Extensions updates as quickly as possible. However, website owners must realize that sometimes a lag of a few days may occur. Further, website owners must realize that even with the most up-to-date software websites can be hacked, defaced, or otherwise compromised. By the terms of this agreement, website owners agree that Wright Web Works will not be held liable for any such hacking, defacing, or other compromise taking place on their website.

One of the foundations of the Joomla system is that the Joomla Core and available Joomla Extensions should be compatible with each other. However, there are numerous examples of Extensions that conflict with other Extensions. It is possible that through updating the Joomla Core and Extensions, a conflict could occur. Website owners agree that Wright Web Works will not be held liable for any Extension conflicts or any downtime or other ill consequences of those conflicts.

Website owners agree to assume all liability when providing graphics, photographs, or other images to Wright Web Works for use on their website. Wright Web Works recommends that website owners provide photographs that they have personally taken or other images that they have legally licensed from a reputable image/graphic dealer.

Updated 10 March 2014